Global Eagle

GE provides airlines with a wide range of in-flight solutions. These include Wi-Fi, movies, television, music, interactive software, as well as portable IFE solutions, content management services, e-commerce solutions and original content development.

Art Direction
UI Design


Qatar Airways
Oman Air
Hainan Airlines


Website design

The objective of this project was to develop a dedicated microsite for Qatar Airways' in-flight entertainment content known as ORYX ONE. We presented the client with two options: an integrated and a dedicated version. Users have the option to enter their flight date to access information about the available content for their journey.

1. Integrated site
2. Dedicate site

1. In the Integrated site, I kept the primary navigation, incorporating a new feature below the breadcrumbs that indicates the user's current section without redirecting them away from the main site. Additionally, I introduced a secondary navigation beneath, facilitating user exploration within the IFE area.

2. The Dedicated version offers a more streamlined approach. When users click the IFE link on the original site, they are directed to a new page that is solely focused on showcasing the entertainment content.


Other projects
Oman Air client

This project explores the ARIA experience with Oman Air Airlines, containing a comprehensive overview of the company's wide-ranging services, transiting diverse destinations and in-flight cabin experiences.

In this project, I was assigned the task of redesigning the existing Oman Air website. After considering two distinct design concepts, I ultimately selected Concept 1 as the final choice. The inclusion of a toggle tab between "book flight" and "check-in" significantly enhances the user experience, allowing users to focus on their selected section with ease.


Kids World 
Hainan Airlines

The 'Kids World' project for Hainan Airlines has been very nice to work on. My task was to design an intuitive section that would immediately engage children, providing them with a clear path to explore and interact. To achieve this, I incorporated a carousel interface, which I found to be a fun choice. I utilized a variety of colours based on different categories, creating a vibrant and playful environment, complemented by a friendly, easy-to-read font. This design is intended for the seatback, allowing kids to either interact directly by touching the screen or via a handheld controller.


Using Principle

In these prototypes, I utilised Principle to demonstrate two key interactions. In the 'Kids World' section, I illustrated how children can engage with the carousel and smoothly navigate through different sections. In the second prototype, I demonstrated the user's ability to scroll down the page, showcasing a captivating parallax scrolling effect.